Fly Fishing on the Falkland Islands
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Falkland Islands Fly.Fishing

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"I’ve heard of it, but I could never find it on a map.“
Don’t worry: You are not alone if you do not immediately know where the Falkland Islands are.

It goes even further than that - keen globetrotters and well-informed fly fishers have rarely heard of the excellent opportunities for fly fishing at this spot in the world.

This website is intended to lead you away from ignorance and convey interesting knowledge that will give you the capability to impress others.
But much more than that, it will give you knowledge that will be valuable in case you should decide to travel the isles and fish there.

Trust someone who has undertaken this adventure: You will not regret it!

We are on the threshold of the 21st century where we face a blatant environmental change, and our generation is both witness and initiator of it.

As a passionate fly fisher and publicist, I have always been deeply impressed by unspoiled, untouched, carefully preserved, and undiscovered nature – something that is almost extinct.

Thus I am grateful that with the Falkland Islands I was able to explore a part of the world which is so similar to my home of choice, the Faroe Islands.

For many years a trip to the Falkland Islands has been top of my list. Finally, in 2020 I was able to realize it, accompanied by a good fishing friend from the Faroe Islands, on an overly kind invitation and with extensive support from the Falkland Islands Tourist Board.

To date, there is hardly any online information or literature about sport fishing on the Falkland Islands.

Why is that? One can only guess. It’s not that the trip is not worthwhile, quite the opposite.
Maybe the few travelers during the last years have not been publicists. Or maybe they were, but wanted to keep the islands to themselves as an „insider tip“.
As for me: I am a publicist, I am a fisherwoman – and I love to share.

After my stay on the Falkland Islands, it is hard for me to understand why one should spend a fishing trip at enormous cost in close-by South America rather than on the Falkland Islands with their excellent fishing opportunities and fair price-performance ratio.

The entire Falkland Islands are a natural habitat.
The waters are clean and pure.
The trout are strong, healthy, free of parasites, well-nourished and can be found in large numbers.
There is no fish farming – every specimen is a wild genetic offspring.

And as an "encore“ you will get penguins, sea lions, and whales to marvel at.

Welcome to the Falkland Islands!

Alternatively, you can also watch this film clip on Vimeo or YouTube.
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Thanks to Kim Solveig May for the editing, Marie Sadler for the English proofreading and Amber Kirchner for the filmclip.

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