Fly Fishing on the Falkland Islands
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Falkland Islands Fly.Fishing

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Some travels are over just way too soon - which is why we could not or only briefly visit some of the impressive eastern fishing spots with a promising chance of good catches.
Therefore they are summarized here in the form of a short description.

However, we are looking forward to the prospect of fishing there in the future!

The Malo

Yes, the Malo - unfortunately not much can be said about this beautiful river at this point. Because it is for members only.
And apparently the chances of non-members fishing there are highly unlikely. So we had no opportunity to get to know the river.

This strict attitude leads other Falkland Island anglers with no access to Malo, to remark humorous that members of the Malo Fishing Association should in turn not be allowed to fish in other waters.
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Estancia Culverts and Pedro River

If you follow the North Camp Road to the northwest, you will inevitably pass the beautifully located Estancia, and further north – close by – Hope Cottage with Pedro River, which is very popular among local anglers.

Next to the country road you will pass several sections of small streams and brackish water connected to the sea. All of them are worth a small fishing stopover, as they contain impressive sea run brown trout, but also several salt water fish, such as the popular mullet.

Fishing permits must be obtained from landowners before entering.
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Swan Inlet

The Swan Inlet is a very interesting river system, which like the L’ Antioja is located near the military base Mount Pleasant.
And not only because of its proximity, members of the army like to come to the Swan Inlet for fishing.

Above Darwin Road the river meanders as a brook through a large plain towards the Wickham Heights. It might be too narrow to fish, but it certainly serves as an excellent spawning ground for brown and sea trout.
Downriver from Darwin Road the Swan Inlet is easily accessible, although some areas are rather shallow, especially at the mouth of the bay.

For fishing you should concentrate on the Swan Inlet Bay, which stretches several kilometres south towards the open sea.
Considering the proximity of the Swan Inlet to the adjoining L’ Antioja in this bay, the great number of sea trout here is hardly surprising. This area is a profitable fishing spot, provided tide conditions are favourable.
The recommended access is via Mare Harbour.

Fishing permits must be obtained from landowners before entering.
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L 'Antioja

The small river L’ Antioja is located near Mont Pleasant military base and the airport site.
Both receive a large quantity of their fresh water supply from the L’ Antioja system.

The L’ Antioia is a shallow river, interspersed with a density of underwater plants. Further south it joins the nearby Swan Inlet River, both forming a long bay.

It is easy to park your car on the roadside on Darwin Road and fish the river as far as its mouth. The first small pools appear about 200 metres downstream.

Fishing permits must be obtained from landowners before entering.
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