Fly Fishing on the Falkland Islands
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Falkland Islands Fly.Fishing

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Like the Chartres the Herbert Stream is located in the west of West Falkland at Roy Cove and it is easy to reach as well.

It is the "appointed body of water“ of the Crooked Inlet Farm, which also offers a much praised and recommendable holiday home at a picturesque bay.

You can fish the Herbert Stream in its tidal bed, rich with fish at its mouth in a bay of King George Bay. The best spot would be upstream in a beautiful fresh water stream up to the Bailey Bridge.

Herbert Stream

The Herbert Stream has become one of my personal favourites with its unique charm, maybe even the favourite place on the Falkland Islands.

If you fish on the well-known rivers such as the Warrah and Chartres on West Falkland or the large bays on East Falkland, you feel very small and insignificant in the vastness and magnificence of the Falklandic landscape.

The Herbert Stream is completely different. You immediately immerse yourself in its green valley and slopes covered with herbs, grasses and berries, you disappear in your own magic world as if you were part of the epic "Lord of the Rings“. You would not be surprised if Frodo Beutlin and Sam turned around the corner and Gollum drew a fish out of the water.
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And if this was not enough, there’s plenty of fish, too!

The stretch between the Bailey Bridge and the tidal area is a sensational body of water, rich with oxygen and with a good current.
I have rarely seen such clean and healthy water, with an outstanding variety of underwater plants and one good pool after another.
A true Kingdom of Heaven for brown and sea trout, which are all in excellent healthy condition and well fed.

I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw a real monster trout coming out of the herb, interested in my fly. I was so perplexed by the size that I was too slow to strike with my CDC dry fly.
But – Eureka! – many other trout followed its example and I didn't loose any of them.

Fishing permits must be obtained from landowners before entering.
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