Fly Fishing on the Falkland Islands
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Falkland Islands Fly.Fishing

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Arriving on the Falkland Islands – traveling by plane, every angler is sure to first spot the Frying Pan, which almost instantly raises hopes and hearts.

You cross it immediately after a few kilometres behind Mount Pleasant Airport, going in the direction of Stanley.

Hopes are elevated even more at the sight of the occasional vehicle parked off-road close to the bridge and the dashing anglers, who in their waders purposefully head for certain fishing spots. It makes you more than eager to join the flock as soon as possible.

The Frying Pan

As it is often the case on the Falkland Islands and especially in the east you fish for sea trout and "mullet" in the tidal areas. The same applies to the Frying Pan.

Its fresh water feed is very narrow and mostly carries little water.
But below Darwin Road the Frying Pan can be fished until it connects to a large bay that extends to the Fitzroy settlement.

If you would rather fish the upper part of the Frying Pan, you can park next to the Darwin Road, approach the location from the shore side and check for a good fishing spot.
A high water level is a good indicator for the right place and the right time.

Countless swarms of smelts circle in front of the culverts, and given good visibility (AND good polarized glasses) you can see mullet the size of which would later be dismissed as fisherman's tales – until they land in the actual „frying pan“…

Fishing permits must be obtained from landowners before entering.
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As an angler on the Falkland Islands you are well advised to always hire a guide.

Only very few of the "hot spots" are located next to a road. Most of them can only be reached "off road“, in the full sense of the word.
Regrettably, "off road" for tourists in rental cars is prohibited – this is one good reason among many that you must have a guide.

Our tip: Adrian Lowe is not only a gallant entertainer and a pioneer among the East Falkland guides, but also has very moderate salary expectations.
In his massive Landrover workhorse he bumps over stick and stone with hard-nosed anglers up to the mouth of the Frying Pan, where they experience real fishing miracles.

Little happens in this area during low tide. But with the onset of the tide, the first smelts move into the bay, followed by smaller sea trout, the big conspecifics in the rear. Everything that has fins, rank and name in Poseidon's realm around Falkland has no chance but to pass here.

The motivated angler has a hooked fish with every cast and only stops casting when he can no longer remember the number of sea trout caught.
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How to prepare a mullet for cooking

By the way: The Frying Pan is a particular hunting ground for the mullet, the gutting of which requires a certain technique. Therefore, our guide Adrian was so kind as to show us the right preparation - not without a whimsical remark regarding the many failed attempts by non-locals.

See the tutorial here:
  •  First cut the head off.

    First cut the head off.

  •  Empty the giblets.

    Empty the giblets.

  •  Cut away all of the lower fins.

    Cut away all of the lower fins.

  •  Cut away all of the upper fins.

    Cut away all of the upper fins.

  •  Peel the skin off from one side – starting at the head side...

    Peel the skin off from one side – starting at the head side...

  •  ... to the tale.

    ... to the tale.

  •  Do the same at the other side of the fish.

    Do the same at the other side of the fish.

  •  Cut the tail off.

    Cut the tail off.

  •  Ready!


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