Fly Fishing on the Falkland Islands
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Bodie Creek is located on Lafonia, a 2400 km² peninsula in the south of East Falkland. It can be reached via a narrow country bridge close to the picturesque settlements of Darwin and Goose Green, about which a lot has been written due to events there during the Falklands war.

Lafonia is extremely sparsely populated - even less than the rest of the Camp. And that is saying something on the Falkland Islands!
Elongated flat levels are characteristic, flanked by small water channels and so-called ponds. These ponds look like lakes, but have little life inside except for small Falkland Minnows, which occasionally visit the peaty water.

But do not think now you can skip this river - you would be missing something!

Bodie Creek

Actually, we were just standing on the shores of Bodie Creek by coincidence.

We wanted to take another look at the gentoo penguin colony at the "New Haven" ferry terminal and then (as an exception!) join the party at Goose Green's Horse Races.
Just to put you in the picture: that morning a very open and friendly Falkland Islander had stopped his Land Rover when I was taking photos of aquatic plants at Port Sussex.
With an unmistakable gesture he pointed out the event with its delightful range of alcoholic beverages. Who on earth could say no to that?

We only wanted to test Bodie Creek briefly for its fish on the way there.
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We did not regret this detour, because when you looked at the water from the country road you could see sea trout in several groups, some eight to ten pounds in weight.
It is always very impressive to see fish of this size and vitality.

Because of the low water, they had all gathered in a large pool in front of the culverts and were waiting for another climb.

When looking at this situation, one could understand all too well why fishing at the culverts is not permitted in some places and is considered highly unsportsmanlike.

With a warm wave and happy faces, some horse racing visitors drove past us.
We were tempted for a short moment, but then we decided to follow our true passion: Fishing instead of feasting. Thanks Bodie Creek!

Fishing permits must be obtained from landowners before entering.
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